Black SOFT-HAIR relaxing cream

Pot of 300ml
60 pieces in the box

Enriched with hydrolyzed keratin, SOFT-HAIR hair straightening cream relaxes the hair while smoothing it perfectly and durably. It sheaths the hair fiber and restores vitality, strength and flexibility to the hair. The lanolin contained in its formula gives you an optimal softness and shine. Your hair become easy to style.
Product benefits
Relaxes your hair by smoothing perfectly
Restores vitality, flexibility and strength to the hair
Makes it easier to style your hair.
How to use
Do not apply onto irritated scalp or relaxed hair for less than 3 months. Protect your temples and ears with a protective base. Put on latex gloves. Separate the hair into 4 parts. Apply the relaxer onto the hairline (not on the scalp). Smooth with the back of the comb or the tips of your fingers. Start with the top of the head. Do not comb. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

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