SIVODERM Depilatory Cream

Tube of 60ml
36 pieces in the box

SIVODERM depilatory cream is at the same time fast, inexpensive, much less painful than waxing, and especially lasts longer than the razor. The hair is quickly dissolved and removed during rinsing or with the spatula supplied with the tube of depilatory cream. Particularly soft and non-aggressive to the skin, the depilatory cream gently moisturizes your skin and allows a perfect and fast hair removal.
Product benefits
The hair is quickly dissolved and removed when rinsing, leaving our skin soft and smooth.
How to use
Please read the instructions before using the depilatory cream:
1. Apply the cream directly with the spatula, in regular layers, to cover the hairs.

2. Let the cream work for 4 to 8 minutes with careful monitoring, then gently remove it with the spatula by testing on a small area. If the hair gets out easily, remove the rest of the cream. Depending on the type of hair, it may be necessary to allow the cream to work a little longer. Never exceed 10 minutes total exposure time.

3. Rinse thoroughly with water after use and dry.
This product is suitable for use on the legs, underarms, bikini, arms.
Do not use on face, chest and perianal areas. Do not use on acne, irritated or burnt skin. Consult a physician before use, if you are taking a treatment that affects the skin or if you suffer from any skin problem. If unpleasant sensations (tingling or burning) due to the cream are observed, remove immediately the cream and rinse abundantly with fresh water. If sensation persists, seek medical attention. Always wait 72 hours between applications. If swallowed, seek medical immediately advice and show this container. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Danger of blindness. Follow the instructions.
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