AVIATOR Authentic Deodorant

Spray bottle of 200ml
24 pieces in the box

A persistent, energetic and sophisticated fragrance. The very essence of manhood.
In head, the sensational and sparkling Bergamot blends with the soft perfume of the Leaves of Violette and aromatic Lavender to awaken our senses.
A harmonious heart of Sage, Geranium and White Wood reveals with mystery a note Fern, in bottom, to the woody signature made up of subtle Amber, Tonka beans and Moss.
How to use
Spray the deodorant under the armpits on clean and dry skin. Avoid application after waxing. Do not spray in eyes or mucous membranes.
Olfactory pyramid
Aromatic Fougere
Head Note: Bergamot, Leaves Of Violets, Lavender
Heart note: Sage, Geranium, Whitewood
Base note: Amber, Tonka Beans, Moss

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