Eau de toilette Women ONCE UPON A FRAGRANCE love at first scent

Spray of 100ml
48 pieces in the box

"Love is in the air"

LOVE AT FIRST SCENT is an explosion of fruits and floral scents that brings back memories of the loved one.

It is the absolute thrill of letting yourself drift - further, higher and stronger - with only the certainty that something else is possible, somewhere else can be invented, and that your soulmate exists thanks to that powerful loving feeling.
How to use
Spray the fragrance a few inches away from your skin, focusing on the hot spots (the neck, the inside of the wrists and elbows, and behind the lobe of the ear) to exhale a unique fragrance.
Olfactory pyramid
Floral Green
Head Note: Apple, Pear, Orange
Heart note: Jasmine, Ylang, Peach
Base note: Virginia Cedar, Ambrox, Musk

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