FAMILIA Care kit

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CFA 3.400 / Unit
10 pieces in the box

The FAMILIA care kit contains moisturizing and protecting care products for the well-being and comfort of the whole family. So we have:
• FAMILIA milk, cream and pomade, moisturize and protect the fragile skin from minor redness and irritation and leave the skin supple and soft.
• FAMILIA talc (powder) relieves, soothes irritations, absorbs moisture excess and prevents redness, heat pimples. Provides well-being and freshness all the day long.
• FAMILIA Cologne perfumes deliciously and refreshes your skin all the day long. A tender and invigorating fragrance designed for the well-being of the family.
Product benefits
• Moisturizes and protects the skin.
• Relieves and soothes irritations.
• Perfumes and refreshes the skin.
How to use
For cologne,
After the toilet, apply theCologne on the clothes.
Pour a few drops, rub the hands and apply to the skin by light tapping.

For milk, cream and pomade,
Apply FAMILIA milk, cream or pomade directly after the shower day and night onto the skin, spread it out and massage evenly.
For talc,
Powder the body with the greatest pleasure after bathing or showering to keep skin fresh and fragrant. Avoid nose, mouth and eyes.

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