GOLD SKIN Clarifying Body Lotion with Argan Oil

Bottle of 250ml
36 pieces in the box

GOLD SKIN Clarifying Milk with Argan Oil intensely moisturizes your skin while improving its appearance. It reduces and prevents imperfections of the complexion while brightening it harmoniously. Enriched with argan oil, it protects, softens and fights against drying and aging skin. Daily use of your GOLD SKIN Clarifying Milk will ensure smooth, supple and radiant skin.
Product benefits
Intensely moisturizes the epidermis.
Reduces and prevents skin imperfections.
Softens the epidermis.
Harmoniously improves the appearance of the complexion.
Protects, and fights against drying and aging skin.
Leaves a protective film from external aggression and irritation of the skin.
How to use
Apply GOLD SKIN clarifying milk day and night onto clean, dry skin. Make it penetrate by performing light massages.
For an optimal result clean your skin with GOLD SKIN soap.
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