Pot of 320ml
48 pieces in the box

With its delicious and voluptuous scents, the KARITE and COCO ointment is a real treat for the skin and hair. As a body care product, it protects, prevents skin dryness and strengthens the skin's elasticity. In hair care, it moisturizes the scalp, nourishes and softens the hair.
Product benefits
• Protects and prevents skin dryness
• Reinforces the elasticity of the skin
• Moisturizes the scalp
• Nourishes and softens hair
How to use
- On the skin :
Apply the KARITE COCO Ointment directly to the skin after showering morning and evening, spread and massage evenly.
- On the hair :
Spread a dab of KARITE COCO ointment on your hair and scalp. Massage and then comb as desired.

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