GOLD SKIN Clarifying Soap with snail slime

Soap of 180g
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CFA 551 / Unit
48 pieces in the box

GOLD SKIN clarifying soap with snail slime cleanses the skin thoroughly while removing dead skin cells and other imperfections. Its cleansing base enriched with snail slime helps lighten evenly complexion, moisturizes intensely and gives the skin repairing healing and toning properties. Prevented from all impurities, your skin is ready to receive your GOLD SKIN care.
Product benefits
Moisturises and cleans the epidermis.
Removes dead cells and other imperfections.
Softens the epidermis and gets it supple.
Helps evenly brighten the complexion.
Gives the skin healing and toning properties.
How to use
Lather the soap and apply the mousse onto the face and body.
Rinse thoroughly and gently dry the skin.
For optimal and prolonged action, apply Clarifying Milk or Clarifying Cream GOLD SKIN.

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