SIVODERM Shaving cream

Tube of 150g
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CFA 1.000 / Unit
24 pieces in the box

A daily shaving with razor affects the skin and weakens it. The shaving cream is a good compromise to keep skin smooth, moisturized and soft longer. It provides a precise, effective shave and prevents the appearance of shaving bumps. The hair is dissolved rapidly and is easily removed by rinsing or using the supplied spatula. Thanks to its formula enriched with skin-protecting and moisturizing agents (Aloe Vera and vitamin E), you get a perfect, soft and non-aggressive depilation of the face.
Result: the skin is smoother, supple and soft. A real feeling of comfort.
Product benefits
Provides a soothing, restorative and anti-irritant action.
Strengthens the skin barrier and improves cell regeneration.
Preserves the skin from external aggressions and irritations.
Soften and soften the skin.
Prevents the appearance of shaving and ingrown hairs.
How to use
Perform a sensitivity test for a first use on a small area of ​​your beard. If no redness or irritation appears within 24 hours, shave the beard thoroughly.
Apply the shaving cream onto the entire beard using the supplied spatula. Leave for 5 to 8 minutes. Remove the cream with the spatula. If the hair is resistant, leave it on for a few more minutes (do not exceed the maximum 8 minutes of pause time). Rinse your face thoroughly with cold water. Dry by dabbing with a towel without rubbing.
Read the instructions carefully.

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